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We are a leading supplier of Used Refrigerated Display Cabinets, serving wholesale clients across Europe and even delivering our products to Africa. Our range includes high-quality equipment, perfectly suited for wholesalers seeking a reliable supply source for their businesses. Our aim is to enable our customers to purchase large and diverse inventory stocks, empowering them to conduct profitable trade in their regions.


1500+ Refrigerated Cabinets In-Stock! 1500+ Refrigerated Cabinets In-Stock!

Browse 1500+ Display Fridges Now! Browse 1500+ Display Fridges Now!

We offer 3 types of display coolers:

Glass front coolers

Glass front display cooler - Available from 260€ to 380€. Used refrigerated display cabinet - Thoroughly tested and ready for use.

Open front coolers

Open front display cooler - Prices range from 80€ to 300€.

Open top coolers

Open top display cooler - Always in stock! Ideal for stores.

Explore our „Stock” department with premium used refrigeration units from European manufacturers. Our devices boast only 25-35% usage compared to new ones, all at an attractive price, just 20% of the value of a new unit!

Always in Stock! - Ensuring Constant Availability!

Above all, at our store, the merchandise is always available and ready for immediate pickup. No need to worry about limited product availability or long order processing times. This way, you can focus on growing your business, knowing that you can get refrigerated display cabinets from us at any time.

Used Display Cooler: Only 20% of the New Price!

Our Used Refrigerated Display Cabinets are professional equipment (KLIMASAN, FOGEL, UBC, FRIOGLASS, UGUR) with a long lifespan – up to 20 years! Our range includes display coolers approximately 5-7 years old. By choosing our product, you pay only 20% of the price of a new refrigerator, and you receive equipment that will function excellently for the next 15 years.

Wholesale Display Coolers Professional used refrigerated cabinets - 20 years of lifespan!

Exclusively Yours: Official Seller of Pre-Owned ASASHI Refrigerated Display Cabinets.

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