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We offer 3 types of display coolers:

Explore our range of used refrigerated display cabinets, including glass front, open front, and open top coolers.

Glass front coolers



Model names: KLIMASAN S1200, FOGEL FX-37 , UBC 70cm, UBC 75cm , FOGEL F-192 65cm, FOGEL F-X17 55cm

Open front coolers




Model names: KLIMASAN Open front cooler 63cm, FRIGOGLASS OPL 90cm, FRIGOGLASS OPXL 120cm, UGUR UOF3 125cm

Open top coolers



Used Display Cooler: Only 20% of the New Price!

Our refrigerators are professional equipment (KLIMASAN, FOGEL, UBC, FRIOGLASS, UGUR) with a long lifespan – up to 20 years! Our range includes display coolers approximately 5-7 years old. By choosing our product, you pay only 20% of the price of a new refrigerator, and you receive equipment that will function excellently for the next 15 years.

Wholesale Display Coolers Professional used refrigerated cabinets - 20 years of lifespan!

Verified and Ready to Use Display Coolers

Rest assured that your refrigerated display cabinet will always be in top condition, ensuring you avoid any product losses and additional repair costs. Here’s how we conduct a thorough inspection of all our display coolers:

1. We plug it in

2. We wait until the cooler reaches the right temperature

3. We turn off the refrigerator.

4. We repeat the process in several cycles for the next 48 hours

Always in Stock! - Ensuring Constant Availability!

Above all, at our store, the merchandise is always available and ready for immediate pickup. No need to worry about limited product availability or long order processing times. This way, you can focus on growing your business, knowing that you can get refrigerated display cabinets from us at any time.

Premium Quality and Low Consumption - Pre-Owned Units from Renowned European Manufacturers

European and Turkish Manufactured (KLIMASAN, FOGEL, UBC, FRIOGLASS, UGUR): Ensuring Superior Quality. Furthermore, the vast majority of our devices come from stock inventories and have not been previously used, further confirming their low level of wear. Our selection of pre-owned refrigerators boasts only 25-35% consumption compared to new equipment


1500+ Refrigerated Cabinets In-Stock! 1500+ Refrigerated Cabinets In-Stock!

Browse 1500+ Display Fridges Now! Browse 1500+ Display Fridges Now!

Two Categories, One Quality - Efficient Pre-Owned Display Coolers!

Efficient, Tested, and Ready-to-Use Display Coolers:

  • Confirmed Technical Condition – Ensuring flawless performance.
  • Underwent Thorough Quality Testing – Assuring the highest standards are met.

Efficient, Tested, and Requiring Cleaning Display Coolers:

  • Technically Flawless – We verify their perfect functionality.
  • Require Cleaning – The choice is yours to adapt them to your cleanliness preferences.

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How to Buy Coolers in Wholesale!

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