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Decades of Excellence: TVS – Trusted Source for Quality & Used Refrigeration Solutions

1500 sqm of warehouse space filled with top-notch refrigeration units

Our expansive warehouse is equipped with a diverse range of high-quality refrigerators, ensuring we can meet the cooling demands of any business.

Over 30,000 refrigerators sold

This remarkable sales milestone demonstrates our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and the outstanding quality of our products.

Loading up to 6 trucks filled with refrigerated display cabinets every week

Our efficient logistics team ensures prompt deliveries across the region, guaranteeing that your refrigeration needs are met without delay.

Cooling since 2007

For over a decade, we have maintained seamless operations, a testament to our reliability and dedication to providing you with the best service possible.

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An Experienced Team of Professionals to Help You Achieve Your Business Goals

Łukasz Tomczyk

Since 2005, I have been involved in the refrigerated display cabinets industry. My experience includes a previous specialization in selling refrigeration compressors and vending machines. I possess comprehensive market knowledge and excel at tailoring offers to meet individual customer needs, leading to successful negotiations and high customer satisfaction.

Hanna Tomczyk

I am a Germanist with a passion for marketing and many years of experience in this field. My professional journey has been remarkably diverse, starting from working in a recycling company, where I gained valuable experience in sustainable management and conscious business development.

1500+ Refrigerated Cabinets In-Stock! 1500+ Refrigerated Cabinets In-Stock!

Browse 1500+ Display Fridges Now! Browse 1500+ Display Fridges Now!

Your Trusted and Reliable Business Partner!

We are not intermediaries in the refrigerated display cabinets trade! Above all, our products are always available and ready for immediate pickup. No need to worry about limited product availability or long order processing times. This way, you can focus on growing your business, knowing that you can get refrigerated display cabinets from us at any time.


For over a decade, we have maintained seamless operations, a testament to our reliability and dedication to providing you with the best service possible.

TVS Company Milestone - Sourcing Quality Used Refrigerators from Italy


I traveled to Italy and, by chance, bought refrigerators through a classifieds portal. Upon returning to Poland, I managed to sell those refrigerators within a week. Encouraged by this success, just two weeks later, I decided to establish my own business venture.

Global Sourcing - TVS Expands Reach with Used Refrigerators from Italy


we accomplished another milestone as we constructed our company headquarters along with a warehouse spanning approximately 700m2. We also ventured into the vending machine trade.

Company Expansion - Building Warehouses to Store Premium Used Refrigeration Units


As part of our business expansion, we further expanded our operations by constructing an additional warehouse with an area of approximately 400m2.

Exclusively Yours: Official Seller of Pre-Owned ASASHI Refrigerated Display Cabinets.

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